Changing Skin – Your beauty questions solved

Question: I am doing my own waxing, how do I stop the redness and flareups?

Answer: The Rohr Remedy Boab & Rosehip Oil is the perfect way to reduce inflammation not just after waxing but also after shaving. It is the multi-vitamin of oils with a collagen-boosting amino acid profile that naturally heals and regenerates skin cells.

Question: As I am not wearing make-up now, do I still have to cleanse?

Answer: Yes, but only once a day and preferably the end of the day. However, when you wake up, I would recommend a splash of cold water to the face to stimulate the skin followed by our Lilly Pilly & Omega 3 Face Moisturiser to lock in hydration.

Question: With the weather getting cooler, my skin is getting very dry. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Absolutely, we love adding a few drops of our Boab & Rosehip Oil to our Desert Lime Body Moisturiser. This combo is heaven and will further hydrate dry skin.

Question: I am not wearing makeup and I am not drinking but yikes my skin is freaking out on me!

Answer: Do not stress, it is because your skin is going through a detox and can often get bad before it gets better! Keep doing what you are doing, however I would recommend applying our Kakadu Plum & Vitamin E Face Serum at night it contains Tamarind seed, a natural source of hyaluronic acid to help improve elasticity, and Aloe Vera for its proven healing and skin regeneration properties. The result is a natural hydrating and skin-firming base to build on the rest of your skincare needs.

Question: My 10-year-old has just started getting the odd pimple, should she start cleansing?

Answer: Definitely, however, use a cleanser that is mild, so her skin does not react. The Rohr Remedy Rosalina Face Cleanser provides a gentle but powerful cleanse, using the natural astringency of Rosalina to clean deep into the pores, yet minimising breakouts. 

Question: I am pregnant and have gained some stretch marks, is your Boab & Rosehip oil safe to use in Pregnancy?

Answer: It certainly is. Completely natural and chemical free, we only use nutrient-dense, rare Australian botanicals, formulated with intact bio activity that are completely safe to use when pregnant.

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