Our Commitment

Backed by science

All of our raw ingredients are Eco-Cert approved and have undergone extensive microbial and ISO preservative efficacy testing (where necessary). Put simply, they are put through the world’s most comprehensive testing for natural formulations.

We base our analysis on research carried out by the University of Western Australia, Griffith University, Southern Cross University, James Cook University and Charles Darwin University in Darwin.

Our active level extracts have been assessed by the Southern Cross University for stability and analysis of actives at manufacture and then re-tested 12 months later to ensure consistency of claims

We work with regulatory experts to ensure that all percentages of raw ingredients comply with the most stringent regulations in the world to guarantee the safety of our products.  

Transparent, ethical and sustainable

Rohr Remedy is a family business committed to operating in an ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable way. Our company was founded thanks to the shared knowledge and skills of the Yulparitja women and men of Broome, Western Australia. As a result, we now collaborate with different communities and small farmers who share our passion for sustainably and ethically sourced, wild-grown and organic ingredients.

We seek to partner with suppliers and growers that embody Rohr Remedy’s core values in their own operations. Our first priority is to ethically source wild-grown Australian ingredients and if that isn’t possible our next preference is organic materials from small farmers we trust.

We require our suppliers to be in full compliance with the applicable laws, including all labour laws, and to respect the rights of their employees in accordance with internationally recognized standards. We have a zero-tolerance policy on any use of forced labour, human trafficking, child labour, harassment and abuse.

To facilitate greater awareness, we provide training to educate those employees on such risks so they are better able to identify and address potential issues in the supply chain as appropriate. We maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for employees who fail to meet our standards of conduct, which align to the values stated in our Code of Conduct.