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At Rohr, we are proud to produce vegan skincare. We don’t use ingredients that are tested on animals and all our products are palm oil free and free from nasty chemicals and toxins.

We believe your skincare shouldn’t be costing somebody or something else, this is no need to cause suffering or damage for beauty.

Believe it or not, vegan skincare is actually better for you and will cause less reactive skin.

12 products found in Vegan

Kakadu Plum Super Serum with Vit C
  • $55.00 AUD
Lilly Pilly Face Moisturiser with Omega-3
  • $36.00 AUD
Rosalina Cleanser
  • $27.00 AUD
Wildflower Unisex Deodorant
  • $18.50 AUD
Boab + Rosehip Face & Body Oil with Vit E / 50 ml
  • $46.00 AUD
Honey Myrtle Hand & Body Wash
  • $33.00 AUD
Desert Lime Body Moisturiser / 250ml
  • $36.00 AUD
Kunzea + Pineapple Hand Sanitiser - L Eco Pouch 250g + FREE refill tube
  • $15.00 AUD
Bamboo Travel Case for Soaps & Beauty Bars
  • $18.00 AUD
Bamboo Soap Dish
  • $12.00 AUD
Refill Tube - Macadamia & Rosella Super Cream
  • $5.00 AUD
Refill Tube - Kunzea & Pineapple Hand Sanitiser
  • $5.00 AUD