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The Kris Kringle Collection: Unwrap Joy, Share Love

Kris Kringle, the embodiment of secret gifting, is a time to spread cheer, laughter, and goodwill. Our Kris Kringle Collection is the perfect embodiment of the spirit of giving. Each product is a little treasure, waiting to surprise and delight your loved ones, colleagues, or friends.

Why Choose the Kris Kringle Collection?

  • Share the joy of giving with thoughtful and practical gifts.
  • A wonderful way to show appreciation and affection to friends, family, or colleagues.
  • A collection that embodies the magic of the holiday season and the warmth of the season's spirit.

The Kris Kringle Collection is your way to wrap up joy, share love, and create memorable moments during this special time of year.

11 products found in Kris Kringle

Wildflower Unisex Deodorant
  • $18.50 AUD
Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm
  • $18.50 AUD
Beechwood Face Dry Brush
  • $12.00 AUD
Manuka Honey + Lemon Myrtle Goat Milk Beauty Bar
  • $18.50 AUD
Kunzea + Pineapple Hand Sanitiser - L Eco Pouch 250g + FREE refill tube
  • $15.00 AUD
Beechwood Body Dry Brush
  • $24.99 AUD
Bamboo Travel Case for Soaps & Beauty Bars
  • $18.00 AUD
Bamboo Soap Dish
  • $12.00 AUD
Refill Tube - Macadamia & Rosella Super Cream
  • $5.00 AUD
eGift Card
  • From $10.00 AUD
Refill Tube - Kunzea & Pineapple Hand Sanitiser
  • $5.00 AUD