Why You Will Want Our Clean, Ethical, and Sustainable Beauty Products on Your Bathroom Shelf

4 fast facts as to WHY you will want our clean, ethical, and sustainable beauty products on your bathroom shelf NOW!

1. Desert Lime oxygenates skin cells more than any other plant on the planet.

Oxygenation boosts collagen production, promotes cell regeneration, detoxes, moisturises, and nourishes. It is kind of a big deal and it is why Desert Lime is one of our favourite anti-aging ingredients.

2. Our boab and rosehip with vitamin e oil contains a minimum of 50% wild-harvested boab to help restore even the most damaged skin.

We craft the purest natural beauty products with this highest quality and sustainably farmed bioactive ingredients. 

3. Wild harvesting considers the entire ecosystem and uses traditional Indigenous farming methods that have been passed onto family members for many generations. 

It is scientifically proven to be more potent than plantation farming and is sustainable there is seasonal harvest and no felling of trees, it is nature as it should be.


4. Quandong has 250% more antioxidants than green tea.

This nutrient-dense Indigenous fruit has 250 times more antioxidants than green tea. Can you believe it? Plus, it detoxifies and grabs free radicals. It also happens to be one of the key ingredients in our luxuriously rich honey myrtle body wash