Wild harvesting the way nature intended to be.

What is Wild Harvesting?

Wild harvesting considers the entire ecosystem and uses traditional farming methods that have been passed onto family members for many generations. There are no chemicals in the wild, it is nature as it should be. We believe in the power of Australian botanicals. We sustainably source wild harvested ingredients and use bio-active levels to deeply nourish and replenish any skin type.

Why Wild Harvesting

  • Higher yield of the bio actives in wild harvested plants.
  • Indigenous Australians believe that the plants growing around all contribute to their potency. 
  • In nature it is all synergistic, and this includes how actives are absorbed into the skin.

How Wild Harvesting works

Wild harvesting consists of two seasonal harvests per year defined by nature . Raw ingredients are collected from crown native land that hasn’t been farmed and no trees are cut down in the process. It is scientifically proven that wild harvested ingredients are more potent than those that come from plantation farming.

Wild Harvesting + Rohr Remedy

Our ingredients are ethically sourced and wild harvested at just the right time, this means their bio-actives are always at their optimum state. Did you know that wild harvested Kakadu Plum has 200 times more Vitamin C than plantation farmed fruit? In order to survive desert Country, Kakadu plants have to hold onto nutrients, which is why they are extremely high in Vitamin C.

Wild Harvesting vs Organic

Rohr Remedy founder and creator Emily says; “The most important point here is that there are no chemicals in the wild, so there doesn’t need to be a discussion about organic because wild harvested ingredients are naturally organic.’’

Where we Wild Harvest

We take immense pride in working with indigenous communities in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia to ethically and sustainably wild harvest our ingredients. Through traditional Indigenous farming methods that have been passed on from generation to generation, we can achieve the optimum concentration of bioactive ingredients.