Three Trending Skincare Tools That Actually Work

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Three tending skincare tools that actually work

The derma roller – best for making products go further 

What is it? A barrel covered in ultrafine (painless) needles 

What does it do? When rolled over your faces stimulate collagen and elastin production 

Hoard or hype? Definitely worth a try. For me, this has been life-changing and the best beauty tool I have ever used. What makes it even better is that it also improves the penetration of active ingredients by up to 40%. You will see instant results if you use it in conjunction with the Kakadu Plum + Vitamin C Serum or the Boab and Rosehip Oil

The dry brush – best value 

What is it? A brush with soft, natural bristles for face or body 

What does it do? When used on dry skin before washing, it exfoliates dead skin, clears pores of debris and oil, encourages collagen production; acts as a natural anti-inflammatory; reduces fluid, and helps prevent breakouts. 

Hoard or hype? 100% hoard … and give one to everyone you know. Dry brushing is an easy, quick addition to your routine that makes a world of difference. Just a couple of minutes a day will target your lymphatic system and release toxins, discouraging fluid retention and cellulite, and remove dry skin. It is an affordable, chemical-free option for those who suffer from sensitive skin prone to inflammation. 



The dermaplaning blade – best for makeup 

What is it? A very fine scalpel 

What does it do? Scraped gently across the surface of your skin, it removes dead skin and debris as well as the ‘peach fuzz’ hair from your face. 

Hoard or hype? This is probably the most controversial of my top three. It is essentially a form of exfoliation but using a sharp, pain-free blade. At first, I struggled with the process – it is tricky and requires a steady hand - but then I started using the Boab and Rosehip Oil as a base first, which made the process a lot easier. But the results speak for themselves – it did leave me with brighter, smoother, more radiant skin. While depilation wasn’t my primary goal, it did makeup last longer and easier to apply.

Best products to use with these tools 

Kakadu Plum Face Serum with Vit C 

After cleansing, do one round of rolling your face with the derma roller, apply the face serum and then do a second round of face rolling. Leave on overnight, and you will wake up fresh-faced. 


Desert Lime Body Moisturiser 

Dry brush your entire body in circular motions post-shower when you are still slightly damp, then smother your body with the Desert Lime Body Moisturiser. Total indulgence!


Boab + Rosehip Oil with Vit E 

After cleansing, apply the Boab & Rosehip Oil to your face. Then, at a 45-degree angle, gently stroke the dermaplane blade downwards. Leave the residual oil to penetrate the skin, leaving you glowing.