Why the World Has Gone Minimalist - On Skin, from Rohr Remedy Founder Emily Rohr

Our new pandemic lifestyles have made skin minimalism the biggest beauty trend of 2021. What exactly is skin minimalism? Think makeup-free days, shorter beauty routines, and less chemicals. Growing up with a father as a dermatologist, this was just our way of life: the less is more approach is what he always preached.

It is no surprise then that this was core to my approach when launching Rohr Remedy. I wanted to create clean, natural beauty products that had a variety of uses, so you did not need a 12-step beauty routine. I also wanted products that would give you a ‘glow’ without having to cake yourself in makeup.

My top tips for Skin Minimalism

1. Minimise your makeup – By incorporating a good facial oil into your beauty routine, have a natural dewy glow without needing heavy foundation or coverage. If it seems daunting to go bare face, start by decreasing your products or going barefaced on quieter days. 

2. Cleanse daily – This is so important as it will remove debris, sweat and dirt. When cleansing, incorporate a one-minute facial massage – this will increase blood flow, leaving skin plump and taut.

3. Moisturise often – This will always be a must as it will nourish and hydrate your skin and form a barrier if you are going makeup-free.

4. Select carefully – Pick products with multiple purposes that work well together. A Vitamin C-packed serum will not only heal fine lines, is great for after a day in the sun, will target blemishes, and enhance the skin around the eyes.

5. Always use sunscreen – An absolutely essential part of your everyday routine to protect yourself from sun damage. And the more you can prevent harsh effects on your skin, the fewer products and makeup you will need.

6. Know your ingredients – generally speaking, the simpler the ingredients list, the better. Ensure your skincare has no parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, Bisphenol A (BPA), artificial colours, aluminium, or silicone. No Rohr products will ever contain these - Read more about our ingredients. 

Read more about different routines for different days and skin needs here.

For cleansing, try: Rosalina Face Cleanser

For moisturising, try: Lilly Pilly + Omega-3 Face Moisturiser

For a makeup-free glow, try: Boab + Rosehip Oil with Vit E

For a natural gloss on lips, try: Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm