Motherhood Journey with Yael Katz

Here’s to all the mums, step mums, the not mums yet, the should be mums, the surrogate mums and those without mums.

Today we acknowledge them and say thank you. 

I was lucky enough to sit down and chat to an amazing Mother and co-owner of Ecopia Retreat, Yael Katz, who is nothing short of exceptional. 2020 has delivered some challenges to Yael, who was at the forefront of the Kangaroo Island bush fires having to escape their property with 2 small children and Retreat guests whilst her husband was out fighting the fires. Having just recovered from that, Covid-19 hit. For this beautiful tourist Island this has caused more devastation and for Yael, this has meant the temporary closure of their amazing Ecopia Retreat

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Real. Intuitive. Determined.

Motherhood is a juggling act. What do you prioritise and what do you let slide?

I really try to be present with my daughters, at least for some of the day. I prioritise family dinners, reading books to the girls, hang out in nature, and cuddles.

What do I let slide? … mopping the floor and strict bedtime for the girls.

You have faced adversity in your life, trauma and loss of loved ones at a young age, the bushfires and now desperately trying to keep a small business alive through Covid-19, where does your amazing strength come from?

I wouldn’t call it amazing. I just don’t know any other way but to keep on going. I was brought up to believe in my abilities and the drive within. I believe that whatever is on my plate is there because I can handle it, and I guess I am somewhat a sucker for a challenge and operate best when I have a project to focus on. So, I just find something to focus on and get through it this way.

Ecopia Retreat is located on a spacious private property in the centre of Kangaroo Island amongst wildlife and nature.

When your husband was out fighting the fires and you were alone with your kids desperately trying to get them to safety, what was going through your mind?

“I just need to get through this smoke, keep the girls calm, oh s** I forgot to pack snacks!”

"So many people have experienced so much worse, we really are lucky that we did not lose everything. When I look back, January 3rd will be etched in my mind forever, it was a day of frantic energy and high emotions, when I had no idea if my husband was alive or if we would get out in time."

What wisdom do you hope to pass on to your daughters?

Learn to listen, particularly to your intuition. Family is so important, and having a sister is a gift, cherish it and nurture your relationships. Be kind and respectful, especially to mother earth and yourself.

How do you unwind?

Yoga, walk in nature, swimming.

Looking back at this year, what have you learnt?

Family and human connection is everything. I am driven by my love for my family and the connections I make with others. Life really is full of surprises, and we choose whether to really be present and live through it mindfully, or just float. I choose to be present, feel the pain, feel the love, and move forward.

Ecopia Retreat has now reopened for bookings or vouchers for future bookings, and would love to welcome visitors back in. For anyone that books in May for travel any time in 2020 and mentions this article you will receive a FREE Rohr Remedy Gift pack on arrival. Check it out online today

“I am a "seasoned survivor" and my Jewish heritage and growing up in Israel probably played a part in making me, what you would call - strong. But can you see that from where I sit, it's not a "big deal"? I really don't know any other way to be.”

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