Ingredients That Matter

At Rohr Remedy, we ensure all our ingredients are nature’s best. We are a response to Australia’s demand for integrity in the formulation of skincare products – we use only wild-harvested native plant extracts and other natural ingredients rich in essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, antibacterials and folates.

Our raw ingredients are Eco-Cert approved and have undergone extensive microbial and ISO preservative efficacy testing (where necessary). Put simply, they are put through the world’s most comprehensive testing for natural formulations.

Some of the amazing ingredients we use:


Found only in arid parts of Australia, desert lime contains rich concentrations of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help rejuvenate the skin, enhance skin firmness, and even out patchy skin tone.

Get the benefits in Desert Lime Body Moisturiser, now in double size eco pouch.


Our wild-harvested Lilly Pilly is a rich source of antioxidants essential for cell regeneration and has been used for thousands of years to heal and protect. Its high Vitamin C and fruit acid content add essential glow-inducing and skin-firming properties. Naturally astringent, it gently exfoliates to leave skin soft and smooth.

Get the benefits in Lilly Pilly + Omega-3 Face Moisturiser.


Boab oil is like a powerful multivitamin for the skin. It’s rich in Vitamin C for evening skin tone, fighting free radicals, producing collagen, and packed with magnesium for anti-wrinkle properties.

Get the benefits in Boab + Rosehip Oil with Vit E.


A small green fruit used by Australian indigenous communities for its powerful healing and medicinal properties. We chose it as one of our hero ingredients for its potent Vitamin C content. It stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines, and is also rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals. What’s more, it’s naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory too.

Get the benefits in Kakadu Plum Face Serum with Vit C.