Ask Emily: Your Skincare Questions

Our founder Emily spends her days knee-deep in scientific formulas and recipes for skin treatments.

Here she answers a user question on skincare. If you’ve got a question for Emily, just email us, and we’ll share her advice.


Do I really need a night cream, or is it all just a fad? 

We are presented with so many beauty treatments that promise to make us look good and feel younger. It’s so hard to navigate what might work and what might not. Growing up with a dermatologist father, his approach was simply ‘less is more’ – minimal ingredients and preferably natural. He promoted serums and oils before they were trendy ‘must haves’, and his advice still holds – a heavy night cream isn’t necessary, but I strongly recommend applying a serum or face oil at night. 

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How should I care for my skin at night? 

Using a serum or oil at night has the strongest impact on your skin because your body undergoes its natural repair process while you sleep. It is also a time when products absorb into your skin most effectively, especially after you cleanse your face before bed. 

What are the benefits of a serum? 

Serums are a great oil-free alternative to a night cream: they are lighter, but more highly concentrated. They pack a punch and will be more effective. Our Kakadu Plum Face Serum is packed full of ultra-high active concentrations and is 20% sustainably sourced Kakadu plum extract to help firm and nourish your skin. What does that mean? It is an anti-ageing vitamin blast for your face! 

Apply before bed, and your skin will be smoother and clearer in the morning. 

What are the benefits of an oil?

Face oils, a.k.a. skincare’s secret weapon, work by sealing in moisture and delivering key nutrients straight to your skin. They help lock in hydration and, believe it or not, they’re not just for dry skin.  While it might sound counterintuitive to add oil to oily or combination skin, it has the opposite effect – working to balance out natural oils. Our Boab & Rosehip Oil is collagen-boosting, mineral rich, and has a complex amino acid profile that works wonders to heal and regenerate skin cells, fight UV damage, hyperpigmentation, scars and stretch marks to leave skin naturally hydrated.

Apply before bed and your skin will be glowing in the morning!