7 Day Skin Reset: Day 1 - TIME TO GLOW


Welcome to the Rohr Remedy 7-Day Skin Reset regime. This is a collection of recipes, exercises and skin routines to leave you feeling renewed and glowing. Of course, you don't have to do the full seven days - you can dip in and out in any order when you need a quick, easy plan to feel refreshed and healthy. You can buy the Skin Reset plan as an eBook if you want it all together complete with shopping list.

These recipes were contributed by certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Mikhaila Todd. Mikhaila takes a simple approach to nutrition to make it
approachable and relatable. Her ethos is: holistic health made simple
and delicious with a conscious mind and open heart. 

The 7-Day Skin Reset meal plan is vegan based, but high-quality, lean protein and dairy can easily be added or substituted and have good benefits for healthy skin.



Mondays are a day for renewal - a chance to reset and get ready for the week ahead. That is why our favourite Monday beauty routine is a quick 5-minute intensive skin rejuvenation.

It will give you a lift and cleanse skin deep into the pores, reduce inflammation and leave skin soft and glowing.

  1. Use our dry face brush in a circular motion starting from the top of your forehead and working your way down to your décolletage.
  2. Cleanse using our Rosalina Face Cleanser.
  3. Wash off using a face washer or muslin cloth.
  4. For the ultimate finish, once skin is dry apply 2 small drops of the Rohr Boab + Rosehip Oil to the face. 


    We all know practicing yoga is good for you, but did you know that in conjunction with toning your body and relieving stress, it is also amazing for your skin? Yoga encourages detoxification, so making it apart of your beauty regimen can help you achieve a healthier and glowing complexion, as well as prevent breakouts.

    Try this great yoga flow from our friends at Flow Space:




      Beauty is not just about what you put on your skin. It is also about what you eat. That is why it is important to include in your diet foods high in omegas 3’s, beta carotene, selenium and vitamins C, E & B. They all protect skin cells from damage and ultimately help you achieve a radiant glow.

      Breakfast: Bircher Muesli

      (serves 2)

      This Bircher is a skin supporting powerhouse from probiotics in coconut yogurt to antioxidants in the raw berries. The Vitamin E found in almonds helps to renew skin cells, making them stronger by reducing oxidative stress. Vitamin E may also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

      This Bircher muesli is one for the whole family. Some tips to make it work for everyone:

      • Make a big batch on Sunday for the week ahead, it gets better with age.
      • Do not like banana add grated apple instead or leave it our completely.
      • If you cannot get limes use lemon instead.
      • You can use natural yoghurt instead of coconut yoghurt. 


      • ½ cup of mixes berries (fresh or frozen)
      • ½ a banana
      • ½ cup almond or milk of choice
      • 2 TBSP natural coconut yogurt
      • 1/3 cup mixed nuts/seeds (e.g. sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews)
      • 1 TBSP coconut flakes
      • 1 TBSP goji berries
      • 1 TBSP chia seeds
      • 3 TBSP hemp seeds
      • 1/3 cup oats
      • ½ tsp sweetener of choice eg honey, rice malt syrup
      • Zest of ½ a lime


      1. Place berries, banana, sweetener and milk to an airtight container or bowl (that can hold 3 cups) allowing the berries to thaw and mash ingredients with a fork.
      2. Add the rest of the ingredients, stir through, and keep in the fridge well covered. 

      Lunch: Skin-Loving Raw Salad

      The combination of ingredients in this salad help to improve blood circulation, boost metabolism, and detoxify toxins. The high vitamin C content also helps produce collagen to firm up the skin and reduce fluid retention.


      • 2 cups of lettuce or baby spinach
      • 1 grated carrot
      • 1 grated small/medium beetroot
      • ½ a can of drained lentils
      • 1 TBSP sauerkraut
      • 1/3 avocado
      • 1 TBSP goji berries
      • Fresh herbs (handful of parsley or coriander)

      Ranch Dressing:

      • 4 Sicilian olives and 2 TBSP of brine
      • 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds
      • Half Lebanese cucumber
      • 4 grape or cherry tomatoes
      • 1 tablespoon olive oil
      • Salt and pepper to taste


      1. Wash, dry and cut vegetables accordingly and place into a bowl
      2. For the lentils: drain can, add half to the bowl and store other half in an airtight container for Wednesday’s lunch.
      3. Blend dressing ingredients all together in a small food processor or nutribullet.
      4. Pour dressing over salad. 

      Dinner: Curried Lentils with Minted Yogurt

      Curry powder contains the naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial spice turmeric that can be beneficial for acne and inflamed skin. The properties of turmeric can also work to calm pores with antiseptic qualities.


      • 1/2 cup dried yellow lentils
      • 1/2 medium onion chopped
      • 1/2 veg stock cube
      • 1 TBSP curry powder
      • 1 TBSP oil
      • Pinch of salt
      • 2 TBSP of natural coconut yogurt
      • Mint leaves
      • ½ asparagus spears bunch
      • ½ cup of frozen peas
      • Large handful of spinach
      • Optional ½ cup cooked quinoa or buy ready cooked vac-packed


      1. Sauté onion in oil on low/medium for around 5 mins (in a small saucepan).
      2. Add vegetable stock, salt and curry powder further sautéing for 2 minutes.
      3. Add lentils and roughly 1 cup of water (or until lentils are almost covered in water).
      4. Bring to boil then reduce heat, cover with lid and let cook on low/medium for 12 to 15 minutes until lentils are fully cooked.
      5. While the lentils are cooking add asparagus and frozen peas to a steamer attachment and steam for 5 – 7 minutes.
      6. In a small bowl mix coconut yogurt and diced mint leaves.
      7. Remove saucepan and place half of the curried lentils in an airtight container for tomorrows lunch.
      8. Assemble bowl with handful of spinach as the base, then asparagus & peas, then curried lentils and coconut yogurt with mint on top.

      Optional to serve with ½ cup of cooked quinoa.