Why our Lilly Pilly & Omega 3 Moisturiser packs a punch

The Rohr Remedy Lilly Pilly & Omega 3 Moisturiser is your ticket to radiant skin. We have combined a powerhouse team of ingredients to formulate a luxurious cream that has potent anti-ageing properties but is still gentle enough to use daily. And best of all, it will not clog pores. 


Our wild-harvested Lilly Pilly contains a rich source of antioxidants essential for cell regeneration and has been used for thousands of years to heal and protect. Its high Vitamin C and fruit acid content add essential glow-inducing and skin-firming properties. Naturally astringent, it gently exfoliates to leave skin soft and smooth. 


Macadamia oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, including Oleic Acid (Omega 9), which are very moisturising, regenerating and softening on the skin. It has proven to slow the signs of ageing and improve the appearance of scars.


Rice Bran oil softens the skin as it is a natural moisturiser. It contains an exceptionally high level of antioxidants which effectively helps delay wrinkle formation and protects the skin from sun damage.


Sandalwood oil is prized for it is amazing healing qualities especially for those with skin conditions such as acne or eczema. It is an amazing anti-inflammatory for the skin and increases circulation. It also contains properties that will brighten the skin. 

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