The Skincare Game-Changer You Need Right Now

This face oil is a game-changer for dehydrated skin

We have the secret to hydrated skin -  it’s clean, nutrient-dense, ethically and sustainably sourced and affordable. Our Boab + Rosehip Face & Body Oil with Vit E has been specially formulated using wild harvested nutrient-rich Boab from the Kimberly region of Western Australia. An ancient indigenous Australian tree, this collagen-boosting extract is mineral rich and has a complex amino acid profile that works wonders to heal and regenerate skin cells, fight UV damage, hyperpigmentation, scars and stretch marks to leave skin naturally hydrated.

What’s the deal with face oils?

Face oils, AKA skincare’s secret weapon, work by sealing in moisture and delivering key nutrients straight to your skin. They help lock in hydration – especially when used in combination with a serum and moisturiser – and, believe it or not, they’re not just for dry skin.  While it might sound counter intuitive to add oil to oily or combination skin it has the opposite effect, working to balance out natural oils.

We chose Boab as the hero ingredient because it’s a skincare powerhouse

Boab + Rosehip Face & Body Oil with Vit E is like a powerful multivitamin for the skin. It’s rich in Vitamin C for evening skin tone, fighting free radicals and producing collagen; magnesium for anti-wrinkle properties and calcium for firmness and elasticity. But the real secret is its amino acid profile. “Research has shown Boab oil has an extraordinary amino acid profile. Amino acids are the precursors or the fantastic enzymes that are necessary to make collagen, and collagen is not only very hydrating, it’s prompting skin to renew and restore, it’s the skincare holy grail,’’ Rohr Remedy co-founder Emily Rohr.

Did we mention it’s ethically and sustainably sourced?

We take immense pride in working with indigenous communities to ethically and sustainably wild harvest our Boab. Through traditional Indigenous farming methods that have been passed on from generation to generation, we can achieve the optimum concentration of bioactive ingredients, including high levels of skin-brightening Vitamin C. 

Whether you’re looking to reduce stretch marks in pregnancy, need to boost hydration or just want an antioxidant hit to increase your glow, facial oil could be your new secret weapon.