It is all in the family

Rohr Remedy is a family business committed to operating in an ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable way. Our company was not only founded thanks to the shared knowledge and skills of the Yulparitja women and men of Broome, Western Australia, but also the result of family history in Dermatology and Pharmacy.

50 years of Dermatological history

My father, Dr James Rohr, is a well-respected Dermatologist, he has spent the last 40 years in Western Australia and was awarded a lifetime achievement from the College for his services to regional health. Many formulations are based on dad’s extemporaneous scripts; for children with eczema or other skin conditions that require deep moisturisation. He contributed invaluably to product development, and his knowledge and passion for skin were nurtured in me. 

140 years of family history in Chemistry

Michael Hutchinson, one of the founders of Rohr Remedy, is the fourth generation of a long line of chemists and formulators. His father and grandfather were both apothecarists and chemists, his great grandfather started the first soap and candle factory in Perth Western Australia. These family recipes have been kept and passed from generation to generation. We have used some of these old tried and true formula in our skin care range, working with a PhD cosmetic chemist (a specialist in natural formulation) to develop this unique range. 

Having grown up in a large family, someone always had some form of skin aliment, so I started mixing my Bush medicine combinations with my father’s old dermatological formulas. The results were amazing, my sister’s psoriasis had completely cleared, my daughter’s acne was getting better, and my mother’s chemotherapy crocodile skin was healing. They all found they could not live without it!


Rohr Remedy Founder

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