Biomimicry – What is it and why is it important

When formulating our natural skin care products, we focus exclusively on the bioactivity of Australian botanicals. The biomimicry extraction technique that we use enables our products to work synergistically with the skin, which makes it suitable for every skin type. This technique preserves the excipients and derivatives keeping the actives stable. In other words, delivering potent, highly absorbable and effective nutrients into your skin. 

So, what is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is a highly technical proprietorial cellular extraction technique, which preserves the actives and excipients of a plant. So essentially this process does not damage the plants bio-matrix or stress the plant, preserving the integrity of the plant’s actives.  Furthermore, it will not macerate or use decomposing plant materials, guaranteeing that the point of extraction happens during the most optimum time of the plant’s life cycle, which maintains the stability and integrity of the phyto-compounds

Advantages of biomimicry

This cellular extraction process delivers the full plant profile, including all the derivatives. The excipients then support the bio-actives eliminating any degradation and synthetic actives. This creates a synergistic relationship between the plant’s compounds at a cellular level, allowing for easy absorption by the skin of all the nutrients, while accommodating for individual skin needs.




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