Avoid Breaking Out from Your Makeup

Question: I haven’t been wearing make-up for the last few months. I’m worried suddenly wearing it again and summer sweat is going to cause breakouts. Can I prevent this? 

Emily: You certainly can prevent this.

Make-up clogs the pores, as does sweat, so it is advisable to do a good cleanse at the end of the day; even try the Rohr Remedy Dry Face Brush as this is amazing at removing all dirt and impurities.

After cleansing at night, I would also highly recommend applying our Kakadu Plum & Vitamin E Face Serum; it contains Tamarind seed, a natural source of hyaluronic acid to help heal the skin and is naturally regenerating. It also provides a hydrating and skin-firming base to build on the rest of your skincare needs.

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