Ask Emily: Why does makeup cause breakouts - and how can I stop them?

Despite pandemic trends for clean faces, many of us continue to wear makeup - if not daily, then for certain occasions. But although it can conceal blemishes and make you feel more polished, it sometimes has the opposite effect on the skin underneath.

Unfortunately, makeup can clog your pores and hinder your skin’s ability to breathe. This can lead to breakouts, blackheads, and irritation.

However, this can easily be avoided, and Emily has some great tips to combat this.

1. DEEP CLEAN: You can’t do better than a good cleanse at the end of the day. Rosalina Face Cleanser provides an effective yet gentle cleanse to avoid further skin irritation.

2. BUFF IT OFF: An excellent dry face brush also works wonders. The Rohr Remedy Face Brush act as a light exfoliator and is fantastic at removing all dirt and impurities.

3. HELP IT REPAIR: After cleansing at night, apply the Kakadu Plum Face Serum with Vit C; it contains tamarind seed, a natural source of hyaluronic acid to help heal the skin and is naturally regenerating. It also provides a hydrating and skin firming base to build on the rest of your skincare needs.