Anti-inflammatory skincare: a beauty trend that works

Inflammation is your body’s way of telling you something has gone off track. Hormone changes, stress, heat, psoriasis, and eczema are common skin inflammation triggers.

Redness, itching, and swelling are all caused by inflammation, and there has been a trend in recent years to switch to beauty products that contain ingredients that will help prevent inflammation or ease it should a flare-up occur.

Rohr Remedy team member Olivia Watson has suffered from psoriasis for years and has been doing this beauty trend for years. Here she rates her top 3 ingredients to ease inflammation.

Vitamin C

This should be a must-have in every beauty product. It has proven to heal, and skin regeneration properties stimulate collagen growth, reduce inflammation, and improve skin hydration. Our Kakadu Plum + Vitamin C Face Serum contains up to 20% Vitamin C and is a miracle worker on inflamed skin.


This nutrient-dense Indigenous fruit has 250 times more antioxidants than green tea. Can you believe it? Plus, it detoxifies, grabs free radicals, and is an anti-inflammatory wonder. It also happens to be one of the key ingredients in our Honey Myrtle Body Wash.

Desert Lime

This amazing ingredient oxygenates skin cells more than any other plant on the planet. Oxygenation boosts collagen production, promotes cell regeneration, detoxes, moisturises, and nourishes. It is kind of a big deal, and its why Desert Lime is one of our favourite anti-inflammatory ingredients.