How To Halloween


Start with a good base primer – We recommend the Boab & Rosehip Oil.

Not only will the make up glide on, it will also help when removing it at the end of the night and will stop makeup clogging the pores!


For bold and dramatic lines, a black liquid or gel eyeliner is often the best choice.

Perfect outlines with your eyeliner. A good outline will bring your costume makeup to life helping you to capture the spooky look you desire.


An easy way to make a statement is to dramatise the eyes!

Go dark and smoky or even add some sparkle with some crystals.

Special Effects

Use special effects makeup or a non-toxic fake blood.

Investigate liquid latex, gelatin, wax and prosthetic pieces to take your look to the next level. 


Thoroughly cleanse and moisturise at the end of the night – do not go to bed with it still on.

Our Rosalina Cleanser is gentle on all skin types and powerful enough to cut through makeup. Why not put it to the test this Halloween?