International Women's Day Giveaway - CLOSED

- This competition is now shut. Congratulations to our winner -

WIN a luxury prize pack of skincare, health teas, artisanal basket, fan & necklace


WIN!! We’ve teamed up with Appetite For Decoration and Tea Tonic to offer a luxurious prize pack of ethically + environmentally conscious products to help feel your best and celebrate your hard work!

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This prize pack includes: 

  1. Rohr Remedy Kakadu Plum Super Serum with Vit C
  2. Rohr Remedy Lilly Pilly Face Moisturiser with Omega-3
  3. Rohr Remedy Desert Lime Body Moisturiser Supersize Eco Pouch
  4. Rohr Remedy Manuka Honey + Lemon Myrtle Goat Milk Beauty Bar
  5. Rohr Remedy Beechwood Body Dry Brush
  6. Rohr Remedy Beechwood Face Dry Brush
  7. Appetite for Decoration “Stay Flow” basket bag 
  8. Appetite for Decoration PEACE + LOVE handwoven fan
  9. Appetite for Decoration hand-beaded “Waterfall” necklace
  10. Tea Tonic Thermal Tea Bottle in Rainbow
  11. Tea Tonic Blue Magic Loose Leaf Caddy Tin
  12. Tea Tonic True Calm Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  13. Tea Tonic Green Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  14. Tea Tonic Gold Sugar Mini Tin


The competition will be open 8-29 March 2022. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on @rohrremedy Instagram. Please ignore any requests from accounts claiming to be us. P.S. This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram or Facebook. Thanks and good luck!


Competition starts Tuesday 8th March 2022 and ends 11:00pm Tuesday 29th March 2022 (8pm EST). By entering this competition, you agree to be contacted by all of the competition organisers for marketing purposes. Entry is open to residents of Australia aged 15 years and over. Instructions on how to enter this competition form part of the conditions of entry. By participating, entrants agree to be bound by these conditions. The winner will be notified and contact via email to claim their prize. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. If the specified prize becomes unavailable, the competition organisers may substitute a prize of like or equal value. Delays or loss of parcels are not the responsibility of the competition organiser. Competition will be drawn on Wednesday 30th March, 2022 and the organisers decision is final. The winner will be notified by email and announced on social media. If the winner does not reply within 7 days, the prize may be reallocated to another winner.


The women behind our wins

Rohr RemedyEmily Rohr - Rohr Remedy Skincaree

Inspired by the Yulpartija women and her family’s skincare needs, Emily Rohr started Rohr Remedy to provide natural, nourishing skincare for every skin filled with the power of bush botanicals. Rohr’s clean, non-toxic products have transformative formulas, packed with Australian medicinal plants and scientifically-proven, that are bio active – meaning they work uniquely your skin and its needs..

Emily’s daily rituals: I love to start my day with a coffee in bed whilst checking my morning emails and catching up on anything that may have happened over night - my husband makes the best coffee! I also need to squeeze in at least a half hour walk along the beach or in nature by myself to clear my head and get mentally ready for the day. 

What has the role of women been in your life? I love the community of women, and how nurturing these relationships are in business and friendship. There is often an unspoken understanding, generosity and kindness in these relationships which I find continuously uplifting and exciting.

What women inspire you? Women that are smart, fierce & real, get things wrong and can admit it and then laugh about it. 

What are your hopes for equality? I hope we can be whoever we want to be and be celebrated for that – and of course equal pay! 

What does community mean to you? Having worked with remote aboriginal communities for the last 25 years – and coming from a large family, which is in itself a crazy, messy community – you learn to collaborate very early on, and that compromise, tolerance and a strong sense of humour will always lead to great outcomes. It teaches you about others and opens your mind to things you would otherwise be unaware of. I love the sharing of ideas, creativity, and growth as a collaboration. 


Appetite for Decoration

Appetite for Decoration’s Bettina Mcilwraith is an old school champion for transparent and sustainable design. With a 20 year career working only with ethical brands and slow design startups across the globe, Bettina’s passion is for preserving culture, honouring sacred materials and creating new pathways and career opportunities for the artisans she works with. For her, it’s all about partnerships that uplift, with sustainability, wellbeing and the enhancement of humanity at the core of design. 

Bettina’s daily rituals: Ritual is a way of life for me, a self-practice that infuses all of my personal life, my creativity and my business. My morning rituals light up my whole day: I wake at sunrise and head straight to my home altar to light plant-dyed beeswax candles and sustainably-harvested palo santo incense. Bliss! In these early morning moments I am thankful for the blessings bestowed upon myself and my community and set an intention for the day incoming. My spiritual and gratitude practices hold and create space for all my daily rituals…cooking, being in the garden, writing - you name it. 

What has the role of women been in your life? My mother and both my grandmothers have been huge influences on my life and business from a very young age, specifically with regard to my creativity and love of colour. 
Surrounded by my mother’s unique and intuitive understanding of colour growing up influenced my personal style and that of my business. Her joyful style and art of adornment encouraged a fervent, almost radical, longing to create with whatever I could get my hands on and to bring energy and nature into life with aplomb!
Both my grandmothers were very adept at sewing, appliqué, and embroidery. I remember sitting at their knees when I was very small…engrossed in the joy and magic of their skills and trying it for myself. I have utilised all these skills passed down in one form or another across upcycling projects in fashion and homewares over the years. 

What women inspire you? Every single day I am inspired by the immense creativity, wisdom, and resilience of the female artisans I have the privilege of working alongside and collaborating with. Specifically, the masterful Baba Tree basket weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana and a family of magnificent Maasai beaders in Nairobi, Kenya. Partnerships with women that uplift the community, with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing and who view craftsmanship as a tool to enhance humanity is our mutual understanding.


Tea Tonic

Once upon a time, in 1998, Lisa Hilbert founded Tea Tonic. As a naturopath and herbalist, Lisa wanted to share her love of tea with the world. Most of all, she wanted to help others incorporate wellness into their day.

Lisa’s daily rituals: As soon as I wake up, I make myself a cup of complexion tea to start the day with a gentle cleanse of the blood, liver, and lymphatics. Making loose-leaf tea in the morning gives me the time and space to start my day feeling clear and mindful. It is a step I can’t miss no matter how early my day starts!

What has the role of women been in your life? I have two daughters, was raised by a single mother and have been running an all-female factory for 20 years. Women are so capable and really can do anything!

What women inspire you? My mother Joan is a superhuman and the greatest role model. She is the hardest working woman and has always motivated me to grow and challenge myself, as a mother myself and as a woman in business.

What are your hopes for equality? My hopes are that everyone can live in a safe and equal society with equal access to power, resources, and opportunities.

What does community mean to you? Sharing information and resources to create a vision and goals together.