You’ll want this transformative body moisturiser

Apply daily for soft, supple skin

Dry skin? Prone to eczema or psoriasis? Or want to keep the damaging effects of the harsh Australian climate at bay? Us too, which is why we created the vitamin and mineral-rich daily desert lime body moisturiser. It combines the potent bioactivity of native Desert Lime with detoxifying Kelp to help skin retain moisture and softness. 

Use daily and all over for smooth, hydrated skin.

It’s all in the family

Our desert lime moisturiser is based on an old family anti-eczema apothecary formula. We removed the mineral oils and replaced them with natural olive and coconut oils, added in Desert Lime for its potent antioxidants and Vitamin C for the production of collagen. The result? A deeply nourishing, anti-ageing moisturiser to support healthy skin, that happens to beautifully fight eczema too. 

Why desert lime?

Found only in arid parts of Australia, desert lime contains rich concentrations of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help rejuvenate the skin, enhance skin firmness and even out patchy skin tone. 

Kelp is a skincare secret weapon that’s good for the planet too

We included Australian Giant Kelp in our desert lime body moisturiser for its detoxing properties and ability to help retain skin moisture and softness. But did you also know Kelp is part of the seaweed family? Seaweed can remove toxins from seawater as it grows and the farming of seaweed has been shown to potentially have a negative carbon footprint, absorbing 20 per cent more carbon dioxide than it produces.