Truth or Fiction? "Pluck 1 hair & 2 come to it's funeral."

You might have heard your granny say this, especially about white or grey hairs, but what about when it comes to facial hair plucking, should we be doing this or not?

IT'S FICTION: Of course, plucked hair will grow back over time, but if done correctly you can keep it from growing back for up to six weeks and no, it won't grow back thicker. Plucked hair grows back outwards and straight so it can look like thicker hair, but it's not.

Plucking hair actually removes the hair from the follicle and this can reduce the amount of hair produced in that area. If you do want to remove hair, here are our tips for the perfect pluck!

ALWAYS PLUCK AFTER A WARM SHOWER... This opens the pores up and makes plucking easier (and less painful).

PULL HAIR AT AN ANGLE...This is the most important aspect when plucking hairs. Going with the the grain and not against it prevents breakage and reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

APPLY A HEALING OIL...Post-plucking it is important to apply a rich antioxidant cream or oil to restore the skin and prevent any inflammation. We recommend our Boab + Rosehip Oil as it's packed full of antioxidants and will heal and soothe the skin.