The Yulparitja Women – How they help shape Rohr Remedy

Australia is home to some of the most powerful skincare ingredients on the planet, and these wild-grown Australian plants can deeply nourish and replenish our skin like no others on earth. Rohr Remedy founder Emily learnt this though her strong connection with the Yulparitja Women.


Emily has a long working history with traditional Aboriginal people through her Indigenous Art Gallery in Broome – Short Street Gallery. The elders always practiced traditional bush medicine, and boiling extracts with them became as much a part of Emily’s daily life as mixing paints. The old people taught her about the extraordinary native plants and their medicinal benefits.


Utilising knowledge gained over 40,000 years of continued cultural practices and use, the Yulparitja women have very precise extraction techniques. They are very particular about when to harvest and like to see plants in areas with other specific plants. By doing this they believe that the whole eco-system will work to create a high concentration of medicine in the plant. 


Our company was founded thanks to this shared knowledge and skills of the Yulparitja women. We support ethical trading and environmentally sustainable collection of plants, by working with the indigenous landowners in Australia.