The gentlest cleanser for the cleanest skin

A cleanser like no other

Want to know the secret to flawless skin? It starts with the right cleanser, one that washes away dirt and impurities whilst softening, nourishing and protecting your skin. Enter our rosalina face cleanser. Formulated using ethically sourced Rosalina for its anti-bacterial and deep-cleansing properties, it’s a natural astringent that also gently exfoliates. It cleanses without aggravating, soothes and hydrates, and will also help unclog your pores.

Your new skin health routine


  1. Start with our Rosalina face cleanser on freshly washed face.
  2. Then plump and hydrate by finishing with our enriching lilly pilly and omega 3 face moisturiser


  1. First, apply our rosalina face cleanser to wet skin, then remove with water and a muslin cloth
  2. Nourish some more with kakadu plum vitamin c face serum
  3. Finish off with boab and rosehip face oil for overnight collagen production

The story of Rosalina

“We wanted to create a cleanser that was really, really gentle, so I used the most gentle natural (toxin free) foaming agent there is, that’s recommended for newborn babies. I combined it with ethically-sourced Rosalina, which is very rare from the south-west of Western Australia. It’s like someone has taken lavender and tea tree oil and merged them togetherRosalina offers the power of that anti-bacterial and deep cleansing profiling of tea tree oil, but with the gentleness lavender that soothes and calms the skin. It cleans without aggravating and soothes where other cleansers don’t.’’ Rohr Remedy Founder, Emily.

What you won’t find in rosalina face cleanser

It’s free from parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic fragrance, aluminium and silicone. Only rare natural bioactive ingredients traditionally used by Indigenous Australians for medicinal purposes. It’s transformative, clean beauty.