The Connection between Yoga and Glowing Skin

We all know practicing yoga is good for you, but did you know that in conjunction with toning your body and relieving stress, it is also amazing for your skin! Yoga encourages detoxification, so making it apart of your beauty regimen can help you achieve a healthier and glowing complexion, as well as prevent breakouts.

Discover the top 3 beauty benefits of how regular yoga practice will do wonders for your skin. 

1. Cleanses the skin of impurities

Skin blemishes and dullness are caused by toxins and bacteria. By practicing Vinyasa, this will energise your body, increase your core temperature, releasing sweat and in return, clear the skin of nasty impurities and toxins, resulting in brighter and healthier skin.

2. Heals damaged skin cells

Breathing exercises like Pranayama’s, increase oxygen flow through the body that aids in cell regeneration. Deep breathing opens your lungs to accommodate more oxygen, which sends blood directly to your skin cells. This oxygenated blood is rich in regenerative properties that heal skin damages caused by free radicals and excessive sun exposure.

3. Creates the perfect Rosy Glow

There are certain yoga poses that increase the flow of blood to your skin and face. Triangle pose, shoulder stand and child’s pose all enhance blood circulation underneath the skin. As the blood delivers vital nutrients and oxygen and flushes away the waste from your system, this increase flow will provide you with a natural rosy glow.