Rohr Rates: Skin Slugging

There is a new beauty trend on the horizon and it’s called ‘slugging’. Skin slugging is a technique that involves applying a light layer of an occlusive product (such as Vaseline or the Gumbi Gumbi Lip balm) before bed and then sleep in it. It promises a surge of hydration and glowing skin the next morning.

So naturally we put it the test. We used the Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm, mainly because we know everything that goes into it is good, it's not petroleum based and will not cause a skin reaction.

After showering and cleansing the skin, we applied a very thin layer over the face. To be honest, we were glowing instantly and eager to see the results the next morning. We woke up with hydrated, dewy skin.

I’m not surprised as lanolin-based products are extremely hydrating and help retain moisture.

The verdict:

A great easy-to-do-at-home alternative the night before a big event or just as a weekly ritual. We wouldn’t do it regularly as occlusive products can be prone to clogging the pores.