Rohr Rates: Microneedling at the Beautician

After receiving numerous inquiries about our experience with at-home micro-needling, we decided to explore professional micro-needling treatments at a beauty salon to determine if they yield more pronounced results.

Promising cell renewal, collagen production and glowing skin, also having been a big fan of the home micro needling tool we thought we would give it a whirl.

Here are the thoughts from one of our team:

"Two treatments later and the jury is still out….it definitely has given me a rosier glow. However the down time was 3 days and I hated my skin for a week!

It slowly got better and by week 6 it was coming into its own and I had seen an improvement.

However just as I was loving my skin again, I was due for the next round. The good thing was second time round it was a quicker process, but not sure the results are worth the effort and I think for a substantial difference you would need to keep doing it consistently.

I found using the basic tool home is just as good."

It's important to use a great quality serum after each treatment, we recommend our Kakadu Plum Serum with Vitamin C as a great option for healthy, glowing skin.