Rohr Rates: Lash Lifts

As a busy mum to three under 10, our team mum, Erika, was eager to simplify her beauty routine further to give herself a more effortlessly awake look. She recently tried a lash lift and tint at her local salon, checkout her video on our Instagram feed for a before and after!

"Having never had a lash lift before, I was a bit nervous of what to expect, but upon entering the salon I was instantly put at ease by the calm atmosphere and friendly staff. The lash lift, performed with expert skill, was genuinely painless and provided a welcome break from the daily grind.

The tint was applied introducing a touch of colour and depth to my lashes. While the lift's effects endured for weeks, the tint had a shorter lifespan, a fact that the technician assured me was entirely normal.

I opted to purchase for the recommended aftercare serum with a commitment to its daily application. This is to ensure I keep my lashes in optimal condition after the lift and prevents breakages.

In conclusion, the lift and tint became more than a beauty treatment and had evolved into a cherished moment of self-care. The painless procedure, subtle transformation, and the dedicated aftercare routine left me not only refreshed but also confident. For busy mums seeking an effortless way to enhance their appearance, the combination of a lash lift and tint is undeniably worth considering."