Meet your new skincare hero

Say hello to that youthful glow

We all know the benefits Omega-3 has in our diet but did you know it’s a powerhouse for skin too? We use a blend of Omega-3 rich macadamia and rice bran oils and pair them with cell regenerating Lilly Pilly extract to formulate a luxurious cream that has potent anti-ageing properties but is still gentle enough to use everyday. And best of all, it won’t clog pores. 

For mother, daughter and grandmother

Irrespective of age, our lilly pilly and omega 3 face moisturiser is a daily essential that hydrates, firms and plumps. The importance of versatility is one of the pillars on which our founder, Emily Rohr created the Rohr Remedy range. “I feel like your skin is a living, breathing entity that changes. I don't necessarily adhere to the approach to skin care where you are defined by your skin type and you have to work with that for your whole life.”

Friends with benefits 

An everyday skincare staple, use our lilly pilly and omega 3 face moisturiser twice a day on freshly cleansed skin. For deeper nourishment, it’s formulated to pair wonderfully with our kakadu plum vitamin c face serum. 

Lilly Pilly; what is it? 

Our wild harvested Lilly Pilly is the secret ingredient in our antioxidant rich face moisturiser. Picked at just the right time and in accordance with indigenous farming practices, this native Australian bioactive has been used for thousands of years to heal and protect. Its high Vitamin C and fruit acid content add essential glow-inducing and skin-firming properties to our Lilly Pilly moisturiser. Naturally astringent, it gently exfoliates to leave skin soft and smooth.