Local Knowledge, Local Plants, Shop Local

Australia is home to some of the most potent skincare ingredients on the planet, and these wild-grown Australian plants can deeply nourish and replenish our skin like no others on earth. Rohr Remedy founder Emily learnt this through her strong connection with the Yulparitja Women. 

Local Knowledge 

Utilising knowledge gained over 40,000 years of continued cultural practices and use, the Yulparitja women have exact extraction techniques. They are very particular about when to harvest and like to see plants in areas with other specific plants. They believe that the whole ecosystem will create a high concentration of medicine in the plant. 

Local Plants 

The evolution of the plant over millions of years means that it has faced every potential event, and therefore developed this resilience and flexibility. So, all the excipients and derivatives are designed to be adaptable. The idea is that the actives (phenolics, flavonoids, vitamins) that each skin type uniquely requires are delivered and absorbed according to the individual’s needs, creating a skincare line that works for everyone. 

Shop Local 

We love that so many of the great stores we get to work with our local people who understand our products and their unique benefits. They all share a love of natural, homegrown products and we are grateful to be available in so many incredible stores across Australia.