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Bio-active skincare that will transition the skin into the new season

Bio-active skincare that will transition the skin into the new season

Spring is a time of renewal. After months of cold weather and sluggish, dry skin, warmer air and increased sunshine means our skin is about to be in for a shock. Transitioning your skin through the seasons can often seem daunting. That is why Rohr Remedy has curated a range with flexibility, we advocate a radical new approach to skin care which empowers individuals to determine their own daily regime, that can be easily varied and tailored no matter what the season.


Active Ingredients

Inspired by the bush medicine of Indigenous Australians, we combine native botanicals with premium organic ingredients to create a clean, transformative skincare routine that works with your individual skin concerns. Our native botanical ingredients are ethically sourced and wild harvested at just the right time, which means their bioactives are always at their optimum state. This creates flexibility of use and skincare that can be used all year round.



As we emerge from Winter our skin is often dry and itchy. Exfoliating is a great place to start, however harsh scrubs can often flare the skin up even more. We recommend exfoliating using our Honey Myrtle Body Wash with a teaspoon of Epsom salts. Our body wash combines the antibacterial power of Honey Myrtle - a more potent bio active than tea tree - and cell-regenerating native Quandong fruit for a refreshing blend that will reinvigorate the skin. By combining this with the anti-inflammatory Epsom salts, it will give you a gentle but detoxifying scrub, leaving skin renewed.



As we move into the warmer months the skin is exposed more and this can often cause flare ups such as eczema and psoriasis. It is imperative to always moisturise your skin, no matter the season. Keep the damaging effects of the harsh Australian climate at bay with our vitamin and mineral-rich Desert Lime Body Moisturiser. It combines the potent antioxidant power of native Desert Lime with detoxifying Kelp to help skin retain moisture and softness, and also happens to beautifully fight eczema and psoriasis too. A must-have addition to your daily skincare routine.



“I believe that when your skin is properly cared for and nourished, it should be balanced and it in its optimum state. Working with natural plants - like the Kakadu Plum - is a way of doing that,” states Rohr Remedy founder. Our Kakadu Plum Vitamin C serum will transcend your skin. We sustainably source and wild-harvest nature’s most potent source of Vitamin C - the Kakadu Plum - and team it with soothing Aloe Vera for its wrinkle-smoothing properties. It’s simple, elegant, clean and potent and will balance any skin type, without an oily residue. It will become your spring skincare hero.



Spring skin is all about creating the perfect ‘glow’, so we’ve created a face oil that changes everything. Dry, damaged skin, be gone. Our potent and anti-aging Boab and Rosehip with Vitamin E Oil is ultra-hydrating and mineral rich. It’s wild-harvested bio-actives are perfect for tackling common problems like UV damage, hyperpigmentation, photo-ageing, scars and stretch marks. It can even be used as a makeup primer.