Bio-active skincare created with Australian botanicals that will transform your beauty regime.

Australia - home to some of the most powerful skincare ingredients on the planet

Climate change happened millions of years ago. Australia went from being rainforest to desert and the plants that survived, like the desert lime, the boab, the Davidson plum and the quandong, did so as they adapted and learnt to hold on to the nutrients. These plants naturally became rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterials and antiviral properties, providing bush medicine to indigenous Australians.


Why Wild Harvesting

We believe in the power of Australian botanicals, which is why we sustainably source wild harvested ingredients. Wild harvesting consists of 2 harvests per year defined by nature, and collected from crown native land that hasn’t been farmed. It’s scientifically proven to be more potent than plantation farming. There is a seasonal harvest and no felling of trees. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and wild harvested at just the right time, it means their bio-actives are always at their optimum state. Thanks to nature, it’s time to say hello to your best skin ever.  


Kakadu Plum - Nature’s richest source of vitamin C 

Nine hundred times more potent than blueberries, we chose the Kakadu Plum as the hero of our face serum because it’s incredibly rich in bio-actives. What does that mean? You get your best skin ever. An ancient Australian native valued by indigenous cultures for thousands of years for its medicinal benefits, we ethically and sustainably source ours from The Kimberley region of Western Australia.  


Quandong - 250% more antioxidants than green tea?

This nutrient-dense Indigenous fruit has 250 times more antioxidants than green tea. Can you believe it? It also detoxifies and captures free radicals. Plus, it happens to be one of the key ingredients in our luxuriously rich honey myrtle body wash.


Boab – A multivitamin for the skin

Boab oil is like a powerful multivitamin for the skin. It’s rich in Vitamin C for evening skin tone, fighting free radicals and producing collagen; magnesium for anti-wrinkle properties and calcium for firmness and elasticity. But the real secret is its amino acid profile. “Research has shown Boab oil has an extraordinary amino acid profile. Amino acids are the precursors or the fantastic enzymes that are necessary to make collagen, and collagen is not only very hydrating, it’s prompting skin to renew and restore, it’s the skincare holy grail,’’ Rohr Remedy co-founder Emily Rohr.