Ask Emily - Why my skin is blotchy?

.. red, and peeling? It's winter! It's not in the sun so much, so why is it dry? Please help.

Unfortunately a drop in temperature, lack of sunshine, cold air, indoor heating and hot showers are all elements that will strip your skin of moisture, causing your skin to lose it's natural oils, which can often lead to dry, blotchy, peeling skin or what is referred to as "winter rash."

Sunlight triggers the synthesis of vitamin D within the body which causes immune cells to travel to the outer layers of the skin and repair it. Without sunlight and the vitamin D hit, your skin becomes more prone to flares ups.

The beauty products you use over winter can play a pivotal role, in combating sluggish skin. At Rohr Remedy we have several options that will help clear "winter rash."

To keep the red and peeling skin at bay we recommend moisturising twice a day. Try our vitamin- and mineral-rich daily Desert Lime Body Moisturiser is based on an old family anti-eczema apothecary formula. It combines the potent bioactivity of native Desert Lime with detoxifying Kelp to help skin retain moisture and softness. Use daily and all over for smooth, hydrated skin.

Or, try our Macadamia + Rosella Super Cream, a winter skin saviour and multi-use formula that can be all things to all people.

It is effective on any areas that need deep intense moisture or where skin needs soothing nourishment to regenerate. 

A powerful deep conditioning formula, with 4% niacinamide & 2% n-acetyl glucosamine – clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation in skin – this product is perfect for improving the appearance of sunspots and calming rosacea.