Ask Emily - How do I care for my skin in my teens and twenties?

With every decade your skin is constantly changing and evolving. Your teenage years often usher in pimples, acne, blackheads, and oily skin. But as you move into your twenties, your skin can react to hormone imbalances, diet, and stress.

The rule of thumb that applies to both teenage skin and skin in your twenties is the less-is-more approach. Maintain a simple beauty routine and avoid chemicals.

Chemical-packed skincare can strip your skin back, and we continue producing collagen up until our late twenties, so why put chemicals on your skin when you simply don't have to?

If you establish a good beauty routine of cleansing and moisturising as a teenager with natural ingredients, it will provide a great base when changes occur. And don't forget - the beauty of choosing bio-active skincare is that it always meets your skin where it's at!

Teen Routine

  1. Cleanse twice daily with a gentle, non-drying was like our Rosalina Face Cleanser
  2. Apply balancing, oil-free product after washing, like our Super Serum
  3. If the skin is dry, use a light, nourishing moisturiser at night, like our Lilly Pilly with Omega 3
  4. Use a healing, vitamin-E rich body oil, like our Boab + Rosehip with Vit E on any developing stretchmarks or acne scars

Twenties Changes

  1. Cleanse skin every 1-2 days
  2. Layer a serum and moisturiser morning and night, and introduce an undereye cream at night, such as our Gumbi Gumbi Balm, if needed
  3. Dry brush face and body twice weekly to stimulate circulation